QMSCAPA v2.10.8

Important enhancements were made in a new release of QMSCAPA™ (version 2.10.8) and is available for download from

Management Review Form from v2.10.5

Summary of the Release:

  • Enhanced the graphing output from the
    • Customer complaint and feedback table;
    • Nonconformance table;
    • Corrective Action and Preventive Action table;
    • Process KPI tables.
  • Enhanced the “8D” CAPA form.
  • Enhanced the feature to export a browse table to an Excel or HTML report.
  • Enhanced the Monitoring and Measuring Device form window.
  • Enhanced the Training Programs module by adding a lookup table for the methods used to verify training effectiveness.
  • Fixed the CAPA form, Management Review tab for the “Disposition” lookup table.
  • Fixed the CAPA form, Management Review tab for the “Nonconformance & Discrepancy Code” lookup table.
  • Fixed the Sales Quote and Contract Review form window for resizing.
  • Updated the File Manager.
  • Updated the import Excel worksheet wizard to a directed table.
  • Updated the HTML5 Client for QMSCAPA Everywhere.

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