QMSCAP 2.12.9

Important enhancements have been made in a new release of QMSCAPA™ (version 2.12.9) and is available for download from

Enhancements to the Supplier/Vendor Evaluation module

QMSCAPA Supplier /Vendor evaluation module
  • (A) Access from the Icon Tool Bar
  • (B) Browse Table of Suppliers /Vendors;
  • (C) The Form contains two tabs: 1) identifies the evaluation criteria set; supplier/vendor; author and evaluator; 2) contains the evaluation criteria and the score. The “Ten Squared” method is used; 10 criterion on a scale 1 to 10.
  • (D) Text for the supplier/vendor score card (report card).
QMSCAPA Supplier/Vendor evaluation criteria and scoring.
  • (E) The “Minimum Scores” for Standard and Conditional Approval are set in the Evaluation Criteria Set table that is selected on Tab 1 of the form.
  • (F) The Evaluation Criteria Set should be tailored for the type of supplier/vendors. Rarely can one Evaluation Criteria Set fit the organization’s supply chain.
  • (G) Each criterion should be scored a on scale of 1 to 10.
  • (H) User Tip: Use one of the criterion to let your supplier know how effective was their completion of your Supplier/Vendor survey (questionnaire).

Enhancements to the Risk Assessment and Management module

  • (A) Accesss the Risk Assessment and Management module by selecting the shield icon.
  • (B) The Aspect has been reorganized to simplify the format. The Risk Priority Number calculator for “pre and post mitigation treatments” appear on Tab 2) Mitigation/Treatment Actions.
Tab 2) Mitigation/Treatment Actions
  • (C) Tab 4) Controls has been enhanced with an expanded browse table.
Tab 4) Controls & Objectives (user defined or Standard defined)

Updated the Report Builder Template Library

QMSCAPA Report Builder Template Tree