Copying Performance Dashboard Record

The Performance Dashboard Table includes a [Copy Record] button control to allow an existing record to be copied for changing a new date range. For example, you may wish to preserve the prior year record and establish the current with a new date range.

QMSCAPA Performance Dashboard Table
  1. Begin by selecting (highlight bar) the record in the table that you want to copy.
  2. Click on the Copy Record button and the new record will appear in the table. The new record copy will appear just below the original.
  3. Highlight the new record copy and click on the [Edit] button control.
QMSCAPA Performance Dashboard Form
  • A) Change the Dashboard Name for the new record.
  • B) Change the Start and End dates as appropriate.
  • C) The Dates may be locked by the Label Set and therefore you may need to open the Label Set record to change the dates on the Dashboard form.
  • D) Unlock the record if the changes cannot be saved.
  • E) Also, the Label Set may pervent you from changing the Dashboard Name and and therefore you may need to open the Label Set record to uncheck the option [ ] Label Set controls Dashboard Name.

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