QMSCAPA 2.16.9

Important enhancements and fixes have been made in a new release of QMSCAPA™ (version 2.16.9) and is available for download from

Changing Window Text

AnyText allows a user to change the text in a QMSCAPA Window at runtime. Most of the visible text, including Window Captions, Prompts, Buttons and so on can be translated.

This allows a Supervisor User to create multi-language or special vernacular versions of QMSCAPA application.

It also allows users to change terminology inside a program, even if they are using the same language. This helps to make the program more familiar to users. For example in some countries you would use a ZIP CODE in an address, whereas in others this is known as a POSTAL CODE.

Printing a Document or Manual from the Document Control Index (DCI)

The Default Document/Manual report template was updated to include more “user-defined” information, which may appear inside the DCI and any document grouped defined by a user, such as by category, type, and standard.

Select the Document Tree from the main text menu
  • Print a “Manual” from the Document Control Index (DCI) or Document Tree
QMSCAPA Document Tree may include the document version and approval history.
  • [A] Select a “group” of documents by a category (Quality Management, Safety Manual, etc.) or Management System Standard (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, etc.)
  • [B] All of the information recorded in the DCI may be reported in the document generated.
  • [C] A Global Unique Indentifier (GUID) may be assigned to each document generated and, or printed. Also, the user may create a version identifier.
  • [D] Print/report the Document Tree as a “manual”.
Sample “Document or Manual” generated by the QMSCAPA DCI.
  • [1] The document identifier, and title appear as a document section or chapter.
  • [2] The document “hyperlinks” appear inside the manual and may remain active when printed or saved with a compatible PDF software application like Adobe Acrobat and others.
  • [3] Optionally, the version and approval history may be included.

Updated the Monitoring and Measurement Device Module

  • Enhance the Calibration and Maintenance Journal.
  • Improved the User-defined Date control and comments field, which are also available on the report templates.
  • Enhanced the equipment and machinery reports.

More Enhancements and Features

  • 8D window form and layout
  • Corrective Action Reports
  • Fixed the On-time Shipping trend report
  • Intergration with Microsoft Office,
    • including Excel, Word, Outlook 
  • Import from Excel for External Monitoring
  • Print Quality Manual (Plan for QMS) from the Document Control Index
  • Printer & Report Previewer
  • Process Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reporting
  • Risk and Opportunity assessments for relevant interested parties
  • Training Scheduled and Completed Reports
  • User-defined Guidance